Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Belmont Abbey Needs Help

Belmont Abbey is under attack by the current administration which is seeking to force this Catholic college to abandon it's faith. This is being done by the Federal government's attempt to force this Catholic institution into providing funding for abortions via their employees' health insurance plan. The Obama administration is using the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to strong arm the college into abandoning its faith. The EEOC has ruled that Belmont Abbey is violating Federal anti discrimination laws because it does not support and provide abortions to its women employees. The small and very courageous college has chosen to fight back and is using The Becket Fund.

Immediate support is needed for the defense of Belmont Abbey College. One can make a donation by using this link.

The Becket Fund

The attorneys and staff who make the Becket Fund so effective are not just another group of talented people doing good work. Their work is more than 'good' it is vital.

Archbishop Charles J Chaput

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